Encourage One Another

Hello, Everyone! Welcome to my (technically) first post. I am really excited to have you all reading this. I firmly believe that it's not an accident that you are here reading this post. I also believe that the Word of God has the power to change our lives.

Let me share with you a verse from 1 Thessalonians 5:11 (ESV), it says "Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing." When I thought about blogging a Bible Verse on a Sunday, I don't see it as a way just to update my blog but an opportunity to encourage one another. Life in this fast-paced world has been very hectic that most of us are left stressed out. Sharing about God Word and how it has changed lives can become a testimony to others and can encourage them.

Just like the verse above, I hope and pray that as you read my future entries in this blog, you will be encouraged by it. I am not a perfect person or very spiritual, but I believe that God will never leave us nor forsake us. He will use other people to help us grow in faith and I hope He will use me in yours as well.

Hello, Everyone! Hello, World!

Hello, Everyone! Hello, World!

Well, I have nothing much to say really but to give you a self-imposed obligatory explanation why and how this blog came to be.


This domain (www.sojournersnook.com) is a new domain that I bought last month, 27th of February 2017. Then I decided to import the posts from my expired blog domain for Blessings and Beyond (www.micahdavid.com). This is the reason why it contains blog posts as far as January 2008.

The old domain name (www.micahdavid.com) is a combination of the name of my two eldest children. I decided to let the domain expire since I didn't want to let my third child feeling left out whom I gave birthday in 2009.

Aside from that, the feeds of this blog will be published on the feeds of my expired blog at Proud Mommy of Three (www.mommyrubz.com). [To my subscribers, please don't be alarmed if you are getting this and can't remember if you subscribed or not. You can unsubscribe anytime but I wish for you to stay.]


In all honesty, I decided to create this blog because I wanted to have a place to upload my old posts from my expired blogs. I wanted to create a place for them because I felt that effort has gone to waste. But now, I decided to continue this blog in a proper way. Start from zero. For this blog, I want to blog about my faith and my thoughts about it.

Why Sojourner's Nook?

I believe that we are all sojourners in this journey called life. So I am keeping this blog as my own digital nook to leave my trail of thoughts and memories for me to remember and for the world to see.

Not all people might be interested about this, but if you like… we can all journey together. Follow my blog and don't forget to subscribe via email HERE so that you wouldn't miss any post. Thanks!